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GrabMeGear Pods and Pouches

GrabMeGear pods and pouches in camper trailer

Whether you live the life of full-time travel, a few weeks away or even weekend camping all your gear should have a place and be in its place. If not, things go missing and you spend more time trying to find your gear rather than enjoying being on the road or out camping. After looking at many different setups and ways to organise all our gear, we opted to go with GrabMeGear pods and pouches to get ourselves sorted.

GrabMeGear pods and pouches

Our First Impressions

We already had some products from GrabMeGear so we knew the quality was going to be fantastic, and we weren’t disappointed. From the high-quality canvas, the clear plastic tops to the heavy-duty zips you can tell that everything has been tried, tested, improved and tested again and again until it’s just right. It’s also the attention to detail and the small things that make a difference. Each of the pods and pouches has a small tag proudly displaying the Australian made logo, as well as the product code in case you want to order more of the same.

GrabMeGear pods and pouches made in Australia tag


To say that we have put these pods and pouches through their paces would be an understatement.  We have been using them for almost 18 months of full-time travel and none have had any issues. No rips, tears, busted zips or anything else. Jess enjoys putting them to the test and putting pretty much everything except the kitchen sink into them until they are bulging and seeing if they still zip up and they haven’t disappointed her yet. We use our pods for an array of storage and organising solutions ranging from four-wheel drive recovery gear, kitchen pantry gear, our coffee kit and even storage for our clothes.

As for the pouches it’s much the same, we use them for just about everything. Simple things like cutlery and other kitchen utensils, first aid kit and cables for our electronics. Allan even has his tools in a pouch for easy use. Despite having sharp and pointy gear in the pouches nothing has every poked through or caused any holes or rips.

GrabMeGear pods and pouches in dual cab ute drawer

Pros and Cons

It’s the little things that make the difference with products like these. The smaller pods have been designed with measurements in mind so they fit perfectly into the larger pods. That way you can have everything you need sorted into smaller pods but only need to carry and move one larger pod.

All the pods we have are cleverly designed with ease of use in mind. They have clear tops so you can see everything inside, heavy duty carry handles that make moving all your gear around camp quick and easy, and heavy duty zips that don’t feel like they will pop open.

GrabMeGear pods and pouches

Knowing that Jimmy, the founder of GrabMeGear, is constantly looking for feedback to improve the design or function on all his products means that there is very few if any cons.

If you’re a weekend camper the pods would be perfect for storing all your camping gear in the shed ready for the weekend. That way you know everything will be where it should be and you can just grab me gear and go!

GrabMeGear pods and pouches

The Final Score

With a few different companies out there making different canvas products we did a lot of research before going with GrabMeGear and we feel we made the right choice. Being an Australian company with Australian made products was a big thing for us as we love to support local whenever we can. While there might be cheaper alternatives on the market, you get what you pay for and the quality really shows. With the GrabMeGear pods and pouches you’ll spend money right the first time and won’t be dissatisfied with having to replace your gear after a few uses.

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