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Grounded Drops drip coffee bags

Grounded Drops drip coffee bags

As jealous as we are of everyone that has an amazing coffee machine setup, we just don't have the room or canopy setup that allows us to have one. Because of this we have tried a number of different ways to get our morning coffee hit to prepare us for the day.

Grounded Drops order note

Our First Impressions

When we first opened our posted package, we were greeted by a subtle smell of coffee and a beautiful personalised hand written note.  We opted to get the wayfarer and nemophilist 36 bag pantry pack as they are recommended for black coffee drinkers.  Grounded Drops offers different options in size, blends as well as a travel bag option (each drip bag is individually wrapped). The drip bags come in a foil bag to aid in keeping the coffee grounds fresh and the smell contained which Jess learnt about the hard way.  Once you tear the resealable top off the foil bag you get hit with the smell of the incredible coffee that awaits you.

Grounded Drops drip coffee bag filling from jet boil


It's been a little over a year now that we have been starting our mornings with Grounded Drops coffee and it's never disappointed us.  It's sometimes the only way we can face each other let alone everyone else.  From using 240v kettles, a billy on the fire, Jetboil and any other way to heat water, we've enjoyed these coffee bags in almost every State and Territory around Australia.

Grounded drops coffee ready to drink

Pros and Cons

Well what can we say here, it's coffee, it tastes good and it gets us ready for the day ahead. The wings on the drip bags mean that they will fit on/in almost any coffee cup. The beans are air roasted which disposes of the outer husk resulting in a coffee that isn't as bitter as a lot of other coffees can be.  We don't know exactly how much caffeine is in each cup but we can promise you, it's there! Grounded Drops also offers a decaf blend for those that may be caffeine sensitive or for those afternoon coffees.

If you aren't entirely sure which blend to go for your caffeine fix, Grounded Drops has a sample box option with 3 different coffee bean blends. 

If you enjoy an iced coffee, Grounded Drops also offers cold brew bags, which we cannot review just yet, as we are yet to try them, but we do have some! If you have tried the cold brew bags, feel free to let us know how you cold brew best. 

We have found that when you want to make your coffee, make sure it isn't too windy as sometimes when you open the drip bag, the grounds can get blown out a little. The wings can sometimes be a little awkward to use, but that may be more of a reflection our pre-coffee ability, not the bags.

Don't make the mistake that Jess did and take the coffee bags out of the main foil bag. The car had a strong smell of coffee until the coffee bags were put back into the foil bag. The faint smell of coffee remained in our car for a few weeks and although we love the smell of coffee, it can get overpowering. 

Grounded drops coffee at waterfall

The Final Score

Obviously we can't compare these coffee bags to a proper barista-made coffee, but we do feel as though they are the next best thing and are a step above other instant coffee brands. They are simple to use, easy and light to pack, quick to make and taste incredible!

If you want to get caffeinated click through the link below for 15% off, or use code "Explore_oz" at the checkout.

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